We create messages that please the eye and stand the test of time.

Puisto is a design and advertising agency located right on the Arctic Circle in Rovaniemi, Lapland, Finland. We think visually and explore reality from a northern dimension. We put our heart and soul into our work.

We strive to shape a better world and are ignited by challenges that enable us to advance sustainable well-being. We want to share journeys with people we can grow with.

We take our work seriously, but not gravely – the best ideas are born of good laughs.



We chart the environment and string things together.





We storm the core and crystallise the essential.





We deliver the message clearly and effectively.




Get in touch

Puisto Design & Advertising

Ukkoherrantie 9

FI-96100 Rovaniemi

+358 45 632 6602

WhatsApp: +358 45 632 6602





Puisto people

Antti Ahvonen

Project management, creative, partner


”I’ve had a fountain of ideas bubbling in my head since I was a kid. I draw from it when designing, and sometimes stick by it longer for some envisioning."

+358 40 532 0328

Veli-Pekka Laitinen

CEO, creative, partner


”Crystallising is strength and less is more. My background in industrial design shines through in my work, especially in problem solving and aesthetics.”
+358 41 430 6645

Anniriitta Härkönen

Graphic design


"My attitude towards graphic design is frenzied at times, and I’ve spent countless hours of my life fiddling pixels. In the end, they always fall in place.”
+358 44 069 1119

Henri Anundi

Content production, copywriting


”Good flow and logical construction are obsessions I can’t get rid of. Letters deserve to be arranged nicely and everything unnecessary edited out.”
+358 40 735 3637

Juho Hiilivirta

Graphic design, type design


"I tell stories through visual means. Designing typography is the best way to find the voice of each narrative, and to control its volume.”
+358 40 828 5084

Emmi Kestilä

(on parental leave)
Project management, digital marketing


”Order and creative chaos come together both in my persona and in my work. I love beautiful things and appreciate when everything goes as planned.”


Jere Ryynänen

Graphic design


”Graphic design allows me to make things more accessible to people. Mundane environments become more enjoyable and easily approachable when designed with thought.”
+358 40 181 3801

Essi Pulju

Digital marketing, online projects, content production


”Being analytical doesn’t mean you can’t be creative; I feel at home working with digital coverage or storytelling. Multidisciplinary skills are an advantage in marketing – they help me see the big picture and solutions outside the box.”
+358 40 510 1344

Veera Antikainen

Project management
+358 40 825 3085




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